Nasal Masks


D100 Nasal Mask


The D100 Nasal CPAP Mask offers comfort, durability and simplicity for effective CPAP therapy while remaining cost-effective for both patients and providers alike. Available in three sizes, the D100 Nasal mask is extremely easy to fit, clean and maintain.


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EasyFit® Nasal Mask


The EasyFit Nasal Mask was designed by utilizing computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally. Identifying consistencies between most of these facial profiles attributed to the development of the unique, scallop-shaped cushion.




EasyFit® Lite Nasal Mask


The EasyFit Lite Nasal Mask provides a number of the premium features found on the EasyFit Nasal Mask in a more economical package. The mask features a unique, whisper-quiet EasyFit exhalation system designed to not disturb the patient nor sleeping partner by the flow of exhaled air.


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EasyFit SilkGel

EasyFit® SilkGel Nasal Mask


The EasyFit SilkGel Nasal Mask has all the same great features of the original EasyFit Nasal Mask, but the mask and forehead cushion have an ultra-soft coating. The smooth surface is soft and silky for exceptional comfort. In addition, the EasyFit SilkGel features redesigned headgear for a more secure fit and ease of use.


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FlexSet® Nasal Mask


With so many nasal CPAP mask options on the market, it is cost prohibitive to stock all of them. The DeVilbiss FlexSet mask provides four different cushion options, allowing you to minimize the masks in stock and build the mask to suit your patient.


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Innova® Nasal Mask


The Innova® Nasal CPAP mask features patented AIRºgel with Advanced Cushion Technology and Active Headgear Connector™. Together, they provide an optimal fit, maximum comfort, and freedom to move without breaking the seal.


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Serenity® Nasal Mask


Getting the best fit with a CPAP mask is never easy, but it is with a DeVilbiss Serenity Nasal Mask. The modular setup allows you to configure the mask the way you need it, from a standard silicone cushion to the superior comfort of a gel-filled cushion.


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SomnoPlus® Nasal Mask


The SomnoPlus Nasal Mask offers ultimate comfort by combining flexibility with exceptional fit. The lightweight design allows for freedom of movement for even the most active sleeper. Available in four sizes, SomnoPlus features integrated pressure measurement ports to allow convenient pressure measurement at the mask.


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