Today, comfort upon exhalation technology has become a standard in CPAP therapy. As such, DeVilbiss Healthcare has developed its own, unique, exhalation relief technology called SmartFlex.


We initiated the development of this technology by analyzing competitive features and reviewing CPAP user feedback on similar solutions that are available. The conclusion, exhalation comfort relief is useful for a large portion of the CPAP user population. However, many users note that the abrupt pressure adjustments can cause arousals.


The DeVilbiss solution, incorporate our patented Flow Rounding™ technology into the SmartFlex feature. Flow Rounding provides independent adjustment of IPAP and EPAP transitions, featured on our Bilevel devices for over a decade.


The result, the ability to alleviate discomfort associated with breathing against prescribed CPAP pressure as well as the capability to change the slope of the pressure waveform during the transition from prescription pressure to the SmartFlex setting and vice-versa. This enables a smooth transition between pressure and a decrease in the likelihood of waking a patient.


DeVilbiss SmartFlex offers three pressure comfort settings:


  • Each setting equates to an exact 1 cm H20 drop in pressure upon exhalation
  • This drop in pressure will last the entire duration
    of exhalation
  • Unlike some other technologies, SmartFlex will be suspended any time the flow generator senses an insufficient respiration (i.e. Apnea)
  • Also, unlike competitive solutions, SmartFlex is available during ramp delay






In contrast to other technologies, DeVilbiss has incorporated our patented Flow Rounding feature:


  • Enhances comfort by allowing for adjustment of transitions in and out of IPAP and EPAP
  • This provides for a more natural and comfortable waveform
  • IPAP and EPAP transitions are individually adjustable
  • Settings range from 0-5






Available in Auto Adjust and CPAP Models Yes
# Selectable Pressure Relief Levels 3
Relative Vs. Exact Pressure Drop Exact
Increment of Pressure Relief Levels 1cm H20
Independent Inspiratory and Expiratory Transitions 6 Settings for Each
Duration of Pressure Drop Throughout Exhalation
Relief Disengagement in the Absence of Sufficient Breath* Yes
Delay Mode Only Yes


*The SmartFlex disengagement feature ensures that in the absense of sufficient patient breathing effort, the CPAP pressure will shift to the prescription pressure unitl normal breathing resumes.


  • SmartFlex can be locked or unlocked for patients to make adjustments
  • Provides the highest level of unique customization of all solutions available
  • SmartFlex is featured on the IntelliPAP® Standard Plus and IntelliPAP® AutoAdjust®


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