Nonin® Xpod® Oximeter

Nonin® Xpod® Oximeter


The Nonin Xpod Pulse Oximeter is a powerful, clinical option for superior patient therapy management. It can be paired with the SmartLink Therapy Management System to provide up to nine nights* of patient oximetry data.


While SmartLink monitors and records up to 72 hours of continuous SpO2 and pulse data from the Xpod Oximeter, the IntelliPAP Standard, Standard Plus, AutoAdjust, or Bilevel model displays the information, which can also be downloaded to SmartLink PC software and viewed in report format.


Included with the Nonin Xpod Pulse Oximeter accessory package is the Nonin soft sensor finger probe that comfortably and securely fits on to a user’s finger; it stays in place for overnight use. SmartLink records only when the oximeter receives a strong signal – no more interference from ambient light.


Performance Features


  • SpO2: range 0%-100%; accuracy +/- 1% at range 70%-100%
  • Pulse Rate: range 18-300 bpm: accuracy +/- 3 bpm
  • Sample Rate: 0.25 Hz (SpO2 and pulse rate)
  • PureSAT® technology provides exceptionally accurate pulse oximetry
  • A full range of sensors can be used with the Xpod – reuseable, flex and soft sensor oximeter
  • The Xpod Oximeter delivers superior performance and can be used in motion and low perfusion
  • The Xpod Oximeter uses a low power draw – only 60 mW


Design Features


  • The soft sensor finger probe is comfortable and stays in place, making it perfect for overnight use
  • The Xpod Oximeter and soft sensor are designed to integrate with SmartLink, using only the Xpod cable
  • Form-fitted design decreases ambient light interference
  • Durable and easy to clean


Accessories and Replacement Part Numbers


DV5M-697 Oximeter Kit (includes 9054D-693 and 8000SM)
8000AA Oximeter Finger Clip Reusable
8000Q Oximeter Ear Clip Reusable
9054D-693 Oximeter Patient Cable
9054D-695 Reusable Flex Oximeter Probe
8000SM Oximeter Finger Soft Sensor, Medium
8000SL Oximeter Finger Soft Sensor, Large
8000JFW Nonin FlexiWrap® Disposable Adhesives (PK/25)

* 9 nights x 8 hours/night = 72 hours total monitoring time

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