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DeVilbiss Healthcare understands the complexities of managing your patients therapy.  We have partnered with some of the industry’s leading therapy solution providers to address your CPAP adherence and replenishment needs. These partners offer solutions to address everything from CPAP patient compliance support to replenishment programs to insurance verification and electronic document management.




PPM is a full service logistical support service located in Louisville, Kentucky.  They reduce your warehousing, shipping, and labor requirements by maintaining product inventory at their facility. PPM offers DeVilbiss sleep therapy interfaces and IntelliPAP® supplies to fulfill your orders. They deliver the supplies in a cost efficient manner while maintaining the high standards required by the industry. To learn more about PPM, please click here




The VGM Fulfillment Center processes and ships CPAP supply orders directly to your patient. Patient orders are received electronically and shipped the same day. The VGM Fulfillment Center stocks CPAP masks, tubing, filters & supplies manufactured by DeVilbiss Healthcare.  To learn more about VGM, please click here

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