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Innova™ Nasal Mask

The Innova Nasal mask features patented AIRºgel with Advanced Cushion Technology and Active Headgear Connector™. Together, they provide an optimal fit, maximum comfort, and freedom to move without breaking the seal.


Innova’s patented ergonomically designed AIR°gel cushion delivers an effective seal and minimizes pressure points and skin irritation and the unique design of the Touchless Spacebar™ eliminates any contact with the patient’s forehead.


The, easy-to-use, unique Active Headgear Connector moves when you move to help maintain a reliable seal throughout the night and features a Quick-Release connector allowing headgear to slide off easily with one hand.


The Innova Nasal Mask also includes a 360º rotating elbow for optimal tube positioning and easier mobility and is available in two sizes with 4-point simple and breathable headgear.

Model Numbers


50166 Innova, Small Complete System (Frame, Cushions, and Headgear)
50165 Innova, Small Plus Complete System (Frame, Cushions, and Headgear)
50167 Innova, Medium Complete System (Frame, Cushions, and Headgear)
50168 Innova, Large Complete System (Frame, Cushions, and Headgear)
50171 Innova, Small Replacement Mask Frame
50172 Innova, Medium Replacement Mask Frame
50173 Innova, Large Replacement Mask Frame
55049 Innova, Replacement Headgear


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