FlexSet Nasal Mask

FlexSet® Nasal Mask


With so many nasal CPAP mask options on the market, it is cost prohibitive to stock all of them. The improved DeVilbiss FlexSet Nasal Mask provides 8 different cushion options, including the new ultra-soft ComfortTouch™
cushion, allowing you to minimize stock and build the mask to suit your patient.


The FlexSet is amazingly intuitive to use and care for. This innovative interface features a unique forehead adjustment and pivoting design that helps to ensure a secure, leak-free fit on most facial profiles. Its lightweight design and minimal headgear make the mask extremely comfortable for the patient to wear. Additionally, the tubing can be worn straight down or over-the-head for added flexibility.


  • Redesigned headgear and unique forehead adjustment with pivoting design help to ensure a secure fit
  • Exclusive ComfortTouch mask cushion finish with a non-stick, satin texture, available on both silicone and gel mask cushions
  • Patented adjustable exhaust port allows patient to control direction of escaping air
  • Hose connection swivel elbow rotates 360 degrees or can be locked upright to run tubing overhead


Model Numbers


9354D FlexSet Mask Silicone Medium
9354S FlexSet Mask Silicone Small
9354G FlexSet Mask Gel Medium
9354GS FlexSet Mask Gel Small
9354DR FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Silicone Medium
9354SR FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Silicone Small
9354GR FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Gel Medium
9354GSR FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Gel Small
9354R-631 FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Silicone - All Size Kit
9354GR-631 FlexSet Mask ComfortTouch Gel  - All Size Kit
9352D-601 FlexSet Silicone Standard Replacement Cushion
9352G-601 FlexSet Gel Standard Replacement Cushion
9352S-601 FlexSet Silicone Shallow Replacement Cushion
9352GS-601 FlexSet Gel Shallow Replacement Cushion
9353D-619 FlexSet Headgear
9353D-604 FlexSet Forehead Pad
LT-1907 FlexSet & Serenity Mask Sizing Template


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