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EasyFit® Lite Nasal Mask



The EasyFit Lite Nasal Mask provides a number of the premium features found on the EasyFit Nasal Mask in a more economical package. The cushion was created by utilizing computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally.

The ball-and-socket joint at the tubing connector accommodates even the most active sleeper and contributes to the mask’s overall comfort. The unique, whisper-quiet EasyFit exhalation system is designed in such a way that neither the patient nor sleeping partner is disturbed by the flow of exhaled air.


Model Numbers


DV97415 EasyFit Lite with Headgear, Small
DV97425 EasyFit Lite with Headgear, Medium
DV97435 EasyFit Lite with Headgear, Large
DV15812 EasyFit Silicone Replacement Cushion, Small
DV15813 EasyFit Silicone Replacement Cushion, Medium
DV15814 EasyFit Silicone Replacement Cushion, Large
DV97300 EasyFit Silicone Forehead Cushion
DV97380 Headgear


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