Heated Humidification System



Heated Humidification System


Humidification is another critical piece to addressing the comfort equation for CPAP users, as well as the overall adherence to therapy1. All manufacturers of CPAP devices now offer some sort of humidification solution, however all humidification systems do no perform equally.


A common complaint of CPAP users is that humidification systems could not last through-out the night. In addition, cleaning humidifier chambers proved to be a challenge.


The DeVilbiss solution is a unique calmshell humidifier chamber design. The IntelliPAP humidifier chamber features a large flat surface area, as opposed to the jar-type humidifiers that have become an industry standard. Inside the chamber is a series of baffles along a snaking path in which the air flows. By directing the airflow and creating turbulence, the air flowing through the chamber can pick up more humidity. In addition, by creating a larger surface area, the level of the water is shallower, which also allows for a more humid air flow delivered to the CPAP user.


Heated Humidification


The clamshell design allows the chamber to be split into two pieces – making cleaning easier.


In addition, DeVilbiss utilizes a stainless steel heater plate, which when combined with the low water level in the water chamber, allows for a very efficient means of heating the water.


In summary, there are five primary reasons for the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP heated humidification
systems' performance:


  1. Larger surface area allows more water surface to come in contact with a patient air stream. In addition, the lower water level provides a more efficient heating of the water in the chamber
  2. Baffled air flow path, which increases turbulence in the airflow and contact with the water surface
  3. Inlet deflector plate to evenly distribute incoming air over a larger area of the chamber
  4. Stainless steel heat transfer plate for effective and efficient transfer of heat from the heater plate
  5. Quick response heater that provides fast heat up time and accurately maintains set temperature


Finally, the IntelliPAP Heated Humidification System carries an industry-leading warranty of three years, because it was built to last. The chamber is constructed of Lexan®; plastic, a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic which is extremely durable. So much so that it is used as space and sports helmets, clear high-performance windshields and aircraft canopies, and in bullet resistant windows.


1 Massie CA, Hart RW, Peraliz K, Richards GN. Effects of humidification on nasal symptoms and compliance in sleep apnea patients using continuous positive airway pressure. Chest 1999;116(2):403-408.


Lexan is a registered trademark for SABIC Innovative Plastics.



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