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This unique program targets the youngest patients and is packed with age appropriate information, including a guide to childhood asthma, entertaining yet educational videos, log book, colorful stickers and more. This program is designed to foster open communication about asthma, aid in awareness and education, provide a level of reassurance to children and parents, and deliver a bit of fun in the process.


Product Highlights


This unique program is packed with important information about childhood asthma. Physicians can distribute to children and their parents to help increase understanding and compliance. It’s an entertaining means of dispensing key asthma information. Program includes


  • Breathies Guide to Childhood Asthma, an Introductory Resource Book For Parents
    • Includes new National Institutes of Health Asthma Action Plan, Asthma 101 Guide, Recognizing and Removing Triggers, Signs and Symptoms Checklist, How to Handle an Attack, and more
  • Breathies Bunch Log Book
    • Convenient way to record daily peak flow readings and nebulizer treatments
  • Breathies Bunch DVD
    • Features two videos: entertaining, yet content-rich, video geared to kids combining live action and animation, including kids talking to kids about how to better manage asthma and therapy; plus instructional video on how to use and care for a compressor nebulizer system
  • Breathies Bunch Stickers
    • Fun, colorful sticker set for kids to decorate their compressor or other personal items
  • Breathies Bunch Web Site
    • A complement to the above materials for both children and parents
    • Includes useful asthma information and tips
    • Breathies Break interactive games educate kids about asthma and keep them busy during
      nebulizer treatments



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