DV5M SmartLink Firmware Update

DV5M SmartLink Firmware Update


The following items are needed to complete this firmware update:

  • DV5CR Card Reader (included with DV5SS2 SmartLink software)
  • DV5FC-1 Data Card


Firmware update instructions:

  1. Click the "DV5MFirmware.exe" hyperlink located on the previous page and choose the option to run the file from its current location. After the download completes a setup wizard will be displayed.
  2. Insert a SmartLink data card into the card reader.
  3. Follow setup wizard instructions.  When prompted, browse and select the SmartLink data card drive.  The firmware update will be placed into directory "SL".
  4. Remove the data card from the card reader and insert into a DV5M SmartLink module to perform the firmware update.
  5. The same data card may be used to update multiple DV5M modules if necessary.


DeVilbiss DV5M SmartLink Firmware History

V0.16 29/06/2011

  • Added support for the DV57 AutoBilevel devices.
  • The data card is now refreshed periodically to ensure that device settings and SmartCodes are current.
  • Changed card insertion behavior so that device settings and SmartCodes are always transferred even if the usage is in sync.
  • Improved communication with 9055A ABOB.


V0.15 27/05/2010

  • Added support for DV53 and DV54 devices with SmartFlex.
  • The data card log information is now cleared when the module is cleared.
  • Removed the Quick View feature from the module (this feature is now included in the CPAP).


V0.12 12/02/2009

  • Made various translation corrections based on customer feedback.
  • CPAP settings and SmartCodes are now stored on the data card.
  • Added the ability to clear SmartLink memory using a hidden key sequence.


V0.11 15/08/2008

  • Initial Production Release




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