DeVilbiss Healthcare Introduces SmartFlexTM Technology, Helping Patients and Clinicians Breathe Easier

SOMERSET, PA – DeVilbiss Healthcare recently introduced SmartFlex technology, a unique exhalation pressure relief function, available on the IntelliPAP Standard Plus and IntelliPAP AutoAdjust systems.


“SmartFlex alleviates the discomfort from constant air pressure, especially during exhalation,” said Kristin Olexa, DeVilbiss Product Manager of Sleep Solutions. “It delivers a higher level of customization than some systems on the market, providing three pressure relief drops and six rounding settings to ease inhale and exhale transitions.”


The patented flow rounding feature provides a more natural breath waveform, which increases comfort and can lead to earlier and improved user adherence. With six settings, this exclusive DeVilbiss advantage allows flexible adjustment of the waveform shape, both inhale and exhale settings, as well as mild to maximum pressure relief. SmartFlex will also temporarily drop pressure on exhalation by 1, 2, or 3 cm H20.


SmartFlex provides breath-to-breath response, detecting onset of inspiration and expiration, and adjusting relief pressure to proper levels. By reducing pressure at the beginning of exhalation and returning to therapeutic pressure upon inhalation, SmartFlex ensures the maximum benefit of prescribed therapy, and assures a comfortable night’s sleep.


Using truly smart technology, SmartFlex was engineered to automatically turn off during periods of insufficient breath, then resume after each event. If a patient’s exhalation period is more than 15 seconds, SmartFlex operation is suspended and reverts to the prescribed pressure until the next inhalation phase.


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For more information on DeVilbiss SmartFlex, please visit, contact your account manager, or call DeVilbiss Customer Service at 800-338-1988.


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