U-Sleep CPAP Monitoring Solution Integrates DeVilbiss® Healthcare SmartCode® Technology

Somerset, PA - October 21, 2011 - DeVilbiss Healthcare LLC is pleased to announce that Umbian, Inc., provider of the U-Sleep CPAP compliance monitoring solution, has integrated DeVilbiss Healthcare's IntelliPAP® with SmartCode® therapy data encryption technology into its U-Sleep software.


SmartCode is a twelve digit alpha-numeric code that is shown on the display panel of all models of IntelliPAP CPAP devices.  The code contains CPAP usage and efficacy data in an encrypted (secure) format.  This data, in turn, provides insight into patients' CPAP progress and allows stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.  SmartCode eliminates the need for the IntelliPAP to be connected directly to the Internet or for the use of costly wired or wireless modems or memory cards.  It therefore provides a free and simple means for capturing a patient's therapy data.


"Our SmartCode technology, combined with the U-Sleep CPAP compliance monitoring solution, provides a powerful, convenient and error-free method of monitoring CPAP therapy and compliance," said Craig Haba, Vice President of Marketing at DeVilbiss Healthcare.  "This is just one more example of DeVilbiss' commitment to delivering innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to address the challenges of CPAP patient care and management."


To enter the SmartCode in the U-Sleep software, patients simply log in to their secure, web-based U-Sleep account.  They will be prompted onscreen to enter the SmartCode for the appropriate day, or to enter multiple SmartCodes if the patient has missed more than one days' activity.  U-Sleep can also send a text, email or phone reminder to the user if SmartCode entry has not been completed.


Once the SmartCode(s) has been entered, U-Sleep decrypts the CPAP efficacy and usage data and makes it accessible via multiple reporting options tailored to the needs of various stakeholders.  SmartCode data includes AHI, Leak, Non-Responding Event Index, Expiratory Puff Index and While-Breathing Usage.  


U-Sleep is the first commercially available, universal CPAP compliance monitoring solution.  U-Sleep monitors CPAP device usage, providing critical daily feedback to CPAP patients, their employers, sleep specialists and insurance carriers, based on customizable compliance standards.


About DeVilbiss Healthcare


DeVilbiss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory medical products that address the respiratory needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. Primary product lines include sleep, pulmonary drug delivery, ambulatory oxygen solutions, and other respiratory devices. DeVilbiss products are manufactured in the United States, Europe and Asia and are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world. The Company is headquartered in Somerset, PA.


About Umbian, Inc.



Umbian, Inc. is an innovative technology company specializing in the design, development and delivery of web-based compliance monitoring solutions.  Umbian's head office is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Umbian's sales and distribution office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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